The #1 barrier to adopting XR

By: David Francis clock-icon 2 Min

There are many perceived barriers to adopting XR technologies. Many articles exist talking about developing the use case or ...

Why would I want to use 3D PDF?

By: David Francis clock-icon 4 Min

Firstly, we need to ascertain what a 3D PDF is; a 3D PDF is a lightweight document that holds your 3D CAD data as a native PDF.  ...

Creating technical debt

By: David Francis clock-icon 4 Min

Following on from my last blog on "going beyond the cool demo", here are some thoughts around creating technical debt.

Going beyond the "cool demo"

By: David Francis clock-icon 3 Min

It is common-place for an organization that wants to start an XR project to either go to an external agency or to develop a ...

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